Mirna Mariell Perez Moreno & Andrea Bigatti about Origo

We are a couple from Italy that has been in the center for a full Hydro-colon therapy and massage. We would like to spend some words for you and your work:

Thank you very much for all,
We were very satisfied with the treatment and also with the atmosphere, first of all because maybe the hydro-colon therapy could scare a little bit but thanks to the persons that work in the studio (IVANA) we felt good and not at all nervous, she guided us step by step and she really took care of what we were feeling.

We are really grateful because even if we don’t speak Croatian, they took some translator (Catarina) that really help us a lot explaining everything in the minimum details and we appreciate that because make us feel more comfortable.
Moreover she was distracting us during the treatment and 45 min flied away.The center’s environment is really cozy and relax and this makes you feel calm during the treatment. In the meantime one of us was making the treatment, the other was making a massage with (Tina) and it was really well done and relaxing, we were very happy.

I made professional sport and I really appreciated the massage, it’s really difficult to find people able to use all that power in the massage. After the treatment we felt lighter and with more energy, we notice that bloating disappear, we had less gasses and digestion look to be easier for the body.

The treatment it’s a way to thanks our body for all the big effort that it does everyday. The second treatment for me was the best, I felt a kind of energy and happiness, I really don’t know how to explain that moment, But it was something good. I remember that after I slept 3-4 hours because I was relaxed. We for sure will do it again, it was a great experience.

— Mirna Mariell Perez Moreno & Andrea Bigatti


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